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We found and fund great companies that have a positive impact on our planet, vetting ideas and turning winners into proven business models with real world traction.

We then work with talented co-founders to scale.


We work together with our co-founders to scale, find funding, and provide back-end support to accelerate the development of the business. Our team operates out of a co-working space in Sydney with some of the best startup mentors in the country.


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Floraly - Modern Flower Delivery

Launched in: Australia

Incubator location: Sydney

CEO: Tristan Sender



Floraly skips the middleman in a complicated distribution chain, reducing waste and delivering flowers that are more affordable, arrive fresher and last longer.

We take a tech-first approach to flower delivery and are on a mission to reshape the almost $1 billion flower gifting industry in Australia.



Led by the ex-CEO of GoGet and backed by startup incubator Idea Crunch, Floraly has seen huge growth since launching and is now one of the biggest flower retailers in Australia.

Tristan's experience growing Go-Get to become Australia's largest car-share company has been invaluable in helping Floraly scale.



Marketplace for unsold food

Every day, 1/3 of all food in grocery stores and restaurants goes to waste.

With the aim of making our food industry more sustainable, companies like Swedish company Karma provide a marketplace where food outlets can sell their unsold food at at a discount each day. After raising $12 million, Karma has just just expanded their platform into London.

Apply now to be part of our 2019 cohort, and found an Australia based copycat.

Started in: Sweden

Not yet in: USA, Australia, Asia

Indicative Funding$12 MM

Early stage career accelerator

New apps like Pathrise invest in university students or young professionals by providing personalized advice and training on how to get the best possible internship or job.

The program is completely free upfront, and once hired, participants then pay a percent of their salary in return.

Apply now to be part of our 2019 cohort, and found an Australia based copycat.

Started in: USA

Not yet in: Europe, Australia, Asia

Indicative fundingunknown

On-demand car fuel

Companies like Zebra Fuel in the UK allow customers to order fuel (petrol, gas and electric) with their smartphone. A van then drives to their car's location, and fills it up 

Zebra Fuel has raised $2.5 MM.

Started in: UK

Not yet in: USA, Australia, continental Europe

Indicative funding$5.5 MM

Guaranteed real-estate sales

New London-based real estate platform Nested puts its money where its mouth is, guaranteeing you up to 95% of your property's value so you can purchase your next property straight away.


If your property sells within 90 days you get the full sales price minus their fee - otherwise, you get the 95%.

Started in: UK

Not yet in: USA, Australia, Asia


Indicative funding$59 MM

On-demand contraception

Dubbed the 'Uber for birth control', women answer questions through an app, which are then reviewed by a doctor. The doctor prescribes the correct contraceptive, and the order is posted the next day or made ready for pick-up from the nearest pharmacy.

Examples include Nurx in the US, which has raised $8 million at the end of 2017.

Started in: USA

Not yet in: UK, Australia

Indicative funding$41.4 MM

Travel as an employee benefit

Regular vacations and travel can have a hugely positive impact on employee mental health. To help encourage more people to get out and see the world, companies like Taab and Vacation Fund offer a program that makes it easier for employers to offer travel-as-a-benefit.

Employers signed up to the program match employee contributions into an account, which can then only be used on travel related expenses. Win-win!

Started in: USA, Canada

Not yet in: Europe, Australia, Asia

Indicative fundingunknown


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